Windows Smartha App english version


Sorry for disturbing. I am wondering if there is a way to have the windows app in english? On the android it’s in english but in windows it’s in german and most of the displays/settings I prefer to do it from the windows application.
Thanks lots in advance and much appreciated

Hi @slaz ,

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normally it should work if your language of your windows machine is set to english.
Could you confirm and tell me which language code is set on your machine?

– Eddy

Thanks for the reply. Yes. English is set on my machine. It’s Windows 10 Pro


Hi @slaz,

thanks for the info, I will check and fix it.

– Eddy

Thank you lots. Much appreciated

Hello, sorry for bothering. I wanted if it’s not too much to ask if there is any projection for this fix date or if something else is needed from my side to help with debugging. Thanks lots in advance

HI @slaz,

the language can now be set via the settings.
The version is currently in the beta channel.

If you would like to test the version I can invite you to the beta channel. For that just mail me your microsoft mail address to

– Eddy

Thank you lots for the quick support. I can confirm that after updating today to the official version it works like a charm. Really nice work. Much appreciated.

Take care and stay safe

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