Virtuelle Fernbedienung nicht im Display?

Hallo! Ich schaffe es nicht, in einem Display die virtuelle Fernbedienung der CCU als Gerät hinzuzufügen. Ich sehe die virtuellen Taster (Hm-RCV-50) in der Zentrale (über die App), aber ich kann sie nicht in einem Display hinzufügen. Ich habe auch „alle anzeigen“ ausgewählt, kein Erfolg. Was mache ich falsch?

Hallo @pancetta,

Willkommen im Forum!

Generell ist es so, dass nur die virtuellen Taster angezeigt werden, die auch benannt sind. Wenn die Taster noch die Standardnamen haben, werden diese gar nicht erst angezeigt.

Kannst Du prüfen, ob die Taster bei Dir benannt sind? Sollte das weiterhin nicht funktionieren, sag mir bitte welche Plattform und Version der App du verwendest.

– Eddy

Das war einfach, vielen Dank! Hätte ich das irgendwo nachlesen können?

I have the same problem.

In the CCU2 device I have created about 20 virtual buttons for various functions.

I see them all in the TinyMatic application, I don’t see any in Smartha (full version for 20EUR).

Of course, they are differently named according to their functions, eg „HeatingMode AUTO“.

What is the problem? I have to show them somewhere, but I don’t see anything like that anywhere in the setup …

Thank you Petr, Samsung 10e, Android 10, Smartha App. version 1.44.5
(And is it possible to translate help texts into English as well?)

Did you made a refresh? - swipe to the right on the CCU gateway and choose the „Refresh“ button.

Also recommended to open port 8701 in the CCU Firewall

Documentation/Videos in EN I think would be a good idea - even at the moment not many EN speaking people using the App right now.

Hi Thomas

Yes, I did the „Refresh“, no effect, btw. I had these virtual buttons in the CCU before installing the Martha App …

How and where can I allow any other ports in CCU Firewall? I only see there (Configure Firewall) only options for API (I have „Full“ there) and „IP addresses for restricted access“.
Where can I enter allowed ports?

Thank You Petr

Oh the port thing, I guess that’s probably only in RaspberryMatic and I think in CCU3 possible.

Eddy will be back next week maybe he has an idea.

Hi @omicronCZ,

welcome to our forum!

if the virtual buttons are named you should be able to see them when you tap the „CCU“-Device in the App. Could you provide a screenshot?

We are considering to provide the documentation in english as well.

– Eddy

Hey @pancetta,

tut mir leid - Deine Frage habe ich ja ganz überlesen. Derzeit ist dieses Verhalten in der Dokumentation nicht vermerkt. Wir werden es ergänzen.

– Eddy

Yes, I see them there and they are functional there.
But of course, like every virtual device, they have categories and rooms assigned to them, I don’t see them there :lehce_frowning_face:

I also can’t see the correctly assigned smart TP-Link sockets (via tcl script), can’t this be fixed? ( HM-Anbindung für TP-Link-WLAN-Steckdosen)

Hi @omicronCZ,

ah, the assigments doesn’t work, now I get it. I will check this.

So you’re using CUxD to control your smart TP-link? Do you see the devices in the Smartha App? How does it look on your CCU, could you provide a screenshot?

– Eddy

Yes, this is primarily provided by the TCL script (see the link to the HM forum), TP link sockets are then normally seen in Devices with the help of CUxD, as well as the original HM sockets (see printscreen)! .
SmarthaForum - TPsockets error crop

Sockets are assigned to Rooms and Categories, in the TinyMatic App they can be seen perfectly as they should.

In Smartha only one of them is displayed (see printscreen), only the first one from the list in Devices,

for others Smartha shows an error (see printscreen).

HI @omicronCZ,

thank you for the clarification, I see the problem, this is clearly a bug. We will check and fix it in the next versions.

– Eddy

Thank you Eddy :šklebící se: :+1:

And problem with virtual devices visibility?


Hi @omicronCZ,

I am sorry, I was wrong. The problem ist that you are using a CUxD device type (HM-LC-Sw1-Pl) which only have 1 channel in reality. Our definitions are based on real devices - thats why you just see the first one. In your room ‚Pracovna‘ you should see the first channel.

You will need to modify the device definition or create a custom one for this device manually and add the missing channels. The other option is to use a ‚real‘-device type which supports that cound of channels. Currently there is no other way to do that.

– Eddy

Is there an easy way how he could simply copy & paste the channels when he will create his own definition so the changes will be quickly done by him?

Maybe an idea for the future to create in the App „CuxD Delta defintions function“ that will do the necessary changes automatically with a click in the app or open an assistant - the logic should be more ore less always the same?

Hi Eddy,

oh, so that’s bad, I have definitions as described in the TP socket add-on (see link above). Interestingly, there is no problem in the TinyMatic application. Or is it possible to solve it?

I use these smart sockets in larger quantities, although mostly in automated functions. Nevertheless, I need direct access to them, which I will use through their own KASA app. But then Martha loses her meaning for me.

If it will not be possible to add a virtual device (in Rooms and Categories) in the future, it is not usable for me - is it possible to return the money for MARTHA?

In addition, I discovered another problem with the display of HUE devices (CCU Addon to the control of Philips Hue Lichtern by J-A-A-N). Missing power button …

Thank Petr

Hi @omicronCZ,

TinyMatic does work differently, it is hard coded UI based on the device. We are defining the devices layout in a separate definition which allows us to 100% customize it and let the user do it himself.

I will look into it if I can workaround and add the additional missing UI definition for CUxD devices by default. This are always the same channels, right?

Since the stores are managing the payments, e.g Google, Apple, Microsoft you can use the refund options in the stores.

– Eddy

Hi Eddy, thank you.
I would prefer if you could fix it, otherwise I really like Martha. When it comes to those TPlink sockets, yes I think so.

What about those virtual devices, my original question?

Otherwise, I apologize for OT here, but how to set the „Rooms“ graphic to a „Tiled“ look from the „List“ look? Somehow I can’t figure it out …

Hi @eschaefer,

Hi, despite several application updates, it is still not functional, the virtual buttons created in CCU2 and assigned to individual rooms and categories are not visible at all.

For example, would it not be possible to manually assign them to individual rooms directly in the Smartha application?

A similar problem is with TPL smart sockets, see above … Nothing has changed there either :frowning:

Thanks Petr