Transfer from Easy app to Smartha


I was wondering if you can help me with the following questions:

  1. I no use the Easy app, do I need to switch to Smartha and if so can I transfer my configuration?
  2. I have a Cloudmatic Complete subscription, is the Unlimited plan of Smartha part of this?
  3. How do I connect the Smartha app to my Cloudmatic?

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Hello @BJKluft,

welcome to the forum!

  1. You don’t need to switch to the Smartha App. EASY App and Smartha App are two different products which we will maintain in the future. You can decide based on your needs which app you’re going to use. That’s why you can’t migrate your configuration.

  2. Smartha App is a different product and is not part of the CloudMatic Complete subscription.

  3. Unfortunately our docs are in german, but you can follow the screenshots. Just add a gateway of type CCU, choose CloudMatic, enter your credentials and save.

– Eddy