Smartha crashes on iPad

Smartha latest version
iOS 12.5.5
iPad mini 3

Sorry for writing in English, mein Deutsch ist doch nicht sehr gut!
A customer had Smartha on his iPad, and suddenly when he tries to log in the app, it disappears and shows the home screen.
I updated everything, even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, with the same results.

What I discovered is that when I configure the app from scratch, it doesn’t crash.
But when I restore from a backup with all my settings, then it crashes.
There is no problem with the same backup file on other devices (iPhones, iPads, Android phone).

Any idea what is going on?

Thank you very much!

JM / Switzerland

I guess maybe the best would be to send the backup file to the support, so they can analyze it why it crashes when used to restore on an iPad mini 3.

What is strange that all other devices the backup is not crashing

How to send them the file in a safe way?
I didn’t find any support email address. it‘s from Eddy who does development and support of the Smartha App