How do I purchase the full, Windows version?

Windows 11 app version

I am trying to purchase the full version but I get an error;


I was able to buy the Android version.

Hi @kelper ,

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Could you describe the problem in detail? Is it reproducible? If yes, what are the steps to reproduce this issue?

As a workaround: you can try to purchase the app via the browser and restore it in the app purchases within the app.

– Eddy

Yes, it is reproduceable. I included a screenshot of the error that I get when I try to buy the full version from within the app. I have done a backup, uninstalled the app, reinstalled and then tried to do a restore but it says you need the paid version to do a restore!




The same happens with windows 10

I just wanted to say that I have exactly the same problem. I was hoping by buying the Android version, and then the Windows version, that I could import my new screen designs into Windows.

Thanks for fixing this quickly.

As it has been awhile since this was reported, can anyone please take a look and fix it?

If not, please let us know why we should trust this app is worth using.


Hey @ericleigh007,

we’re looking into this. Unfortunately, our team has been affected by the current pandemic, so there may be a delay in processing your request.

– Micha