Cloud backups (i.e on Cloudmatic account?)


First, thank you for this app which is way better than what I used in the past with my CCU1 and clients CCU2/3! (it was tiny… :wink: )

Would it be possible to have cloud backups, which would be stored in the cloudmatic account?
That would be very helpful as when my client asks for a change, I have to send him an updated backup via Whatsapp and then he has to import it, which is not a huge work ofcourse but for non-tech people it’s already quite difficult.
If there was a link with the cloudmatic account or something, and the client could just browse his backups from Smartha and select the one I advise him for the new settings, that would just be perfect!

Thank you for your reply and have a great week!

Jean-Michel / Switzerland

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I like the idea…

Hi @JMP,

welcome to our forum and thank your for the feedback.

That’s a great idea. Currently there is no way to do that. I will add this feature to the list and we will discuss the implementation possibilities.

– Eddy

Hi Eddy!
Do you have any news regarding this feature?

It is complicated right now as I did a whole configuration for a client, and I can’t meet him to configure his iPhone, I have to do it remotely, so this feature would be very helpful!

Also when restoring from a backup, is there a way to wipe up all the settings and use only the backup file settings? For instance, if the default view has been set before in my client’s app, and now I want to have a different default view with the new configuration backup I send him, it won’t work, he will have to log in as admin, change the view, log out, then log back with his user which has limited rights.

My goal would be to have a 100% manageable configuration on his device, like I create a config, test it, then send it to the cloud where he could restore from it, and get all and only the settings I configured. All older settings would be overwritten and those who don’t exist anymore would be removed.

Thank you for your great support and have a good day!


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